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From simple repair to a brand new roof, H.G. Roofing offers fast and reliable service at reasonable prices backed by our personal guarantee that your roof will not leak.

Affordable solutions for your roofing necessities with H.G Roofin’s professional!

With more than 19 years in the industry, with 50-mile coverage around

Roofing contractor in Tulsa. OK

A professional roofing contractor should always handle your roofing projects and that is where we come in. H. G Roofing has been the most recognized roofing contractor in Tulsa OK for multiple years. We have upheld the reputation of being the best in the business by meeting demands and surpassing expectations every step of the way.

H. G Roofing sets the bar high for other roofing companies. We excel in our abilities to perform the superior roofing solutions. We handle all projects with the same importance and priority. We can install, maintain and repair any material roofing system without a hassle. 

We are constantly searching for ways to improve both our quality and service. We live up to the name of being number one by working in optimum conditions, creating safe environments, and utilizing the finest solutions.Working with H. G Roofing, leading roofing contractor in Tulsa OK guarantees:

- Low prices
- On time solutions
- Long lasting results
- Cost effective prices
- Responsibility and diligence
- Customer satisfaction

Roofing contractor in Tulsa. OK

Roofing in Tulsa OK is done best whenever the roofing contractors at H. G Roofing are handling the project.Our roofing contractor in Tulsa OK are equipped and trained to handle all:

- Roofing Repair
- Roofing Maintenance
- Roofing Installation
- And more.

We work with the best tools, products, and equipment to ensure the excellent standing of your roofing system. No project is too big or too small for our professionals to handle. We have helped thousands of clients achieve the roof they aimed for through our services. 

Our Services

H.G. Roofing is a team of certified roofing contractors available to help you protect the structural integrity of your home or business property, as well as your peace of mind.


There is nothing more stressful than seeing your roof deteriorate. After all, nobody likes leaks! If your roof has any damages and needs repairs as soon as poss.


If your roof has passed its life expectancy, and you are witness to its decaying, work with H. G Roofing for high class roof replacements at a price you can aff.


We can't control outside elements; during winter we have snow, rain, wind and hail. If hail has taken a toll on your roof, talk to the skilled roofers...

Enhance you roofing sytem with our team ready to repair it!


Our About

H. G Roofing was established in the state of Oklahoma over 15 years ago. Since we first started out as a family operated roofing company, we have focused on delivering roofing that is beautiful, long lasting, and efficient in every way. We are the best in what we do.

Our mission at H. G Roofing is to install, repair, and replace roofing at high quality and competitive prices. We aim for every single client to have a remarkable roof over their heads.

Why choose our companies?
At H. G Roofing we have an incomparable reputation for customer satisfaction, excellent work ethic, and prices you can afford. We always put your needs before anything else. 

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