Soffit and Fascia Board in Broken Arrow, OK


Soffit and fascia are not just cosmetic details, but have also a role protecting your walls and ceiling. Nowadays, many people are shifting from wooden to vinyl soffit and fascia board in Broken Arrow OK. However, not everyone wants to get rid of the beautiful, traditional look only wood can give. Unfortunately, wood soffit and fascia are prone to damage, and are especially vulnerable at places with heavy rains. However, proper maintenance can increase the lifespan of your soffit and fascia board in Broken Arrow OK, and repairing them and replacing the damaged parts are not very difficult tasks.

- In order to start repairing soffit and fascia board properly, you must remove the crown molding (if existing), soffit, and fascia and examine them for any possible damage.
- Examine the rafters. Chop out any rotted parts and make replacement pieces from protected lumber.
- Attach the new rafter with the help of a backing board. Make sure it’s solidly attached.
- All soffit and fascia board in Broken Arrow OK need a proper waxy sealer to protect them from moisture, especially on the edges.
- For an excellent soffit board installation, prime it on both sides, apply caulk between the edges of the boards, and attach them underneath the eave.
- Place the crown molding, and finally, attach the replacement fascia (previously primed) with galvanized nails, apply a finish, and you’ll have a perfectly repaired soffit and fascia board.

Repairing the damaged parts of your soffit and fascia board in Broken Arrow OK shouldn’t be a very difficult process. If done properly with well-protected wood, your soffit and fascia can last longer than expected, and you will be able to keep showing off the nice wood details of your house. If you want to know more about taking care of your house such as roof repairs whenever there is a leak, you can always Contact HG Roofing.


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