Chimney Rebuild in Broken Arrow, OK

In order to recognize when you need a chimney rebuild in Broken Arrow OK, it’s important that you’re able to distinguish the main physical parts of a chimney. In this way, you’ll be able to assess the possible damage in each of these parts and determine if smaller repairs are still possible.

1- Crown: It’s the top of the chimney. It’s usually sloped to keep water away, thus protecting the chimney. A cracked crown lets water seep into the bricks, eventually causing the bricks to break up, and you’ll need a complete chimney rebuild.

2- Flue Lining: The flue is basically the inner passage inside the chimney. A proper lining must be used to avoid accumulation of debris. Flue linings are usually made of stainless steel, but if you have an old chimney that lacks of it, it poses a structural and health danger, and you’ll need chimney rebuild in Broken Arrow OK.

3- Smoke Chamber: It’s the point where the inner wall is sloped in such a way that compresses the smoke to send it from the fireplace to the flue. A damaged smoke chamber can cause back draft. Ignoring the problem can increase the chances of needing a chimney repair.

4- Damper: It’s a small, levered door that prevents the escape of air when the fireplace isn’t lit. Also, it keeps rain and animals from entering and damaging the fireplace, which would require a Brick chimney repair.

5- Firebox and hearth: The firebox is the section where a person builds a fire, while the hearth is the spot over which the actual fire burns. This area must be lined with firebrick or any ceramic substance that withstands the heat and corrosiveness of burned materials. This section often needs repairs. You may need to look for a complete chimney rebuild in Broken Arrow OK if this part has been neglected and badly damaged.

There are other parts of the chimney that probably few homeowners know. However, these are the fundamental ones without which a chimney can’t work properly. It’s important to give them the proper maintenance, especially regarding water leaks and damage to ceramic lining. If it’s too late for that, you can always call HG Roofing for a complete chimney rebuild in Broken Arrow OK.


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